Alice Liddell wearing the Carpenter’s cape. I don’t know how she got hold of it.

I think that the cape is dark blue/purple-ish.

I used another fanart as reference for the pose.



If Disney, American McGee and Tim Burton are allowed to make their own versions of Alice (and Wonderland) then so am I.

She’s my Alice. A modern version of the book character. When she was a little kid, she fell down the rabbit hole and went through the looking glass. Then years passed by and some SHIT PLOT happened that screwed up her life. So she became a drug addict, especially addicted to LSD and other hallucinogens.

The thing is, whenever she consumes said drugs, her Wonderland DOES come to life.

I promise I will come up with a better description later.

This was -once again- a failed entry for a comic challenge. It’s the very first time I make comic, so that’s why it looks weird. I was also lazy to color and make proper lines so this is all you get for now.


So I found this super awesome blog which is about drawing challenges.

You get one week to submit your entry. The thing is I found this group too late (I literally had a few minutes to come up with something.)

The first challenge was an intro comic made out of four panels. I can’t draw fast so I failed this. derp

But here are some half-assed doodles of me.