A comic about FEELINGS



It was my last year in high school. Very close to graduating.

And then this beautiful Finnish lad decides to invade my fortress of social hatred and self loathing.

Of course, me being me, I never spoke a word to him. I would only look up at him, stare endlessly at him and stalk him (not that illegal type of stalking. more like I would watch him until he would disappear in the horizon in his bicycle).

Months passed and then I finally grew some balls and decided to confront him and tell him that I really, really liked him.

So, the next day and march my way to his class and ask his friends where he was.

And… and… AND…

They told me he moved back to Finland………..

And from what I heard, he also joined the army.

Oh well. I wish happiness to him and whatever plans he has for his life, I hope he accomplishes them ❤